Artist Spotlight: Dontae Muse




Dontae Muse has been a Teaching Artist for the Institute in graphic design and visual art for the last few years. Dontae is an Elizabeth native who brings a wealth of knowledge into the classroom having worked on numerous aspects of the visual art world. He is the co-owner of Above Art Studios, a gallery located in New Brunswick that showcases African American art and artists. In addition to selling his own art pieces, he created an E-book series titled Artist Arsenal and he started “The Art Life Podcast.”

In his first full-length publication, “Tripping Over Canvasses,” Dontae details the steps it takes to run a successful art gallery. Dontae is a mentor in our community who enjoys "Inspiring aspiring artists and providing a platform that sparks up purposeful conversation on how best we can build our communities up." He recently started a networking and healing initiative named “Messages for Men.”

Dontae’s contribution to the arts community has allowed him to gain wisdom from the lens of both the creator and the business owner.