Tim Burton said, "Visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else's dreams?"


This statement is something that I constantly stand by in my teaching practices. I strive to make my students understand the value of art. Art can be part of a career path, so many students get discouraged by others, including family members, not to pursue a career in the visual arts because they think they cannot make a decent living.

The old cliché of the starving artist comes to mind in many of these people's perspectives, and their lack of knowledge in the various professions that require arts education and training is widespread. It is up to me to inform my students and family members of the opportunities out there that require an arts education.

My commitment to arts education is very profound as it is part of the make-up of my philosophy. Yet my teaching practices are not solely centered on convincing every student to pursue a visual arts field. My objective is always to have students be conceptual, innovative, and creative in their thinking. I always try to create lessons that will encourage students to think conceptually while developing a skill. I believe that teaching students to formulate ideas and give them the time to do that through collaboration and discussions is the key to encouraging creative thinking.

My teaching strategy has always been to push students to go beyond their limits, I will not take no for an answer, and I believe that every child can create and express an idea. Students may be at different levels of accomplishment, but they are all very capable. I feel extremely proud as a Latina woman of all my achievements from my classroom practices that lead students into successful career paths to the many projects I have engaged in, such as:

• Murals.

• Working on sets.

• Entering art competitions.

• Creating art for art exhibits and creating curriculums to improve instruction.

My experience at the Institute of Music has been an extension of my teaching practice from my classroom. The students at the institute are always eager to learn, develop and grow artistically and intellectually. I love every minute of my time with the students at the Institute of Music for Children because their creativity, energy, joy, and positivity are contagious. It motivates me to be the best art teacher I can be. I will always strive to inspire those young minds to be our future creators. I believe that dreams can only come true if you persevere.


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Anna Pineiro, IMC Teaching Artist