New Classes and Lessons in Plainfield, NJ


The Institute of Music partners with the United Presbyterian Church to bring Afterschool Arts Classes and Lessons to Plainfield, NJ in fall 2016!


THE INSTITUTE OF MUSIC FOR CHILDREN has served the greater Elizabeth area for more than 20 years developing the personal and communal potential of urban youth annually by offering economically accessible, high-quality arts training in a secure environment.

THE UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH of Plainfield, NJ has a long and rich history in serving the Plainfield community with a variety of ministries. It has committed to bringing arts education to the children and families of the community through programming developed and administered by the Institute of Music for Children.

TOGETHER, we will fulfill our vision of bringing an innovative Afterschool arts program that brings low-cost groups classes and private music & arts lessons to children of Plainfield.


Classes will occur on Thursday evenings. We will offer 12-week class options beginning February 16, 2017. Classes will be located at United Presbyterian Church, 525 East Front Street, Plainfield, NJ 07060. 

Register online now for spring 2017!  Walk-in registration on Thursday evenings only beginning on January 5, 2017. Click here for office hours and contact information. 

Open House on January 26, 2017





Group classes and Private Lessons - 6 - 12



4:45-8:00 PM


Group Classes

Each group class is once a week for 1-hour


Period 1 

(Ages 6-9)- 4:45-5:45PM- Singing 
(Ages 9-12)- 4:45-5:45PM- Piano Lab


Period 2

(Ages 6-8)- 5:50-6:50PM- Piano Lab
(Ages 6-9)- 5:50-6:50PM- Acting
(Ages 9-12)- 5:50-6:50PM- Guitar Lab
(Ages 9-12)- 5:50-6:50PM- African Dance


Period 3

(Ages 6-8)- 6:55-7:55PM- Guitar Lab
(Ages 6-8)- 6:55-7:55PM- Rhythm & Drumming
(Ages 9-12)- 6:55-7:55PM- Electronic Music Production


Private Lessons

Private lessons are once a week for 1/2-hour





Plainfield - 12-Week Session Rates

 $99 – 1 Group Class

$ 160 – 2 Group Classes

$ 265 – ½ an Hour Private Lesson

$ 315 –1 Group Lesson & ½ an hour Private Lesson



Payment Type